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APEC 2014

With the closing of APEC earlier this month, its staging in Beijing has provide the organization with some much needed limelight. The aspirations expressed and announcements made were by no means small: A USD 40 billion fund for infrastructure development, blueprint for the pursuit of a Free Trade Area for the region (FTAAP), US-China agreement of the reduction of Carbon emissions, Russian-Chinese agreement to use national currencies for trade settlements, as well as many other bi-lateral agreements between APEC members.




With the emphasis of agreements firmly on Infrastructure development China has taken a leading role in the pursuit of what was described by President Xi as the ‘Asia-Pacific dream’, described as: having more economic vibrancy, free trade and investment facilitation, better transportation links, and closer cultural exchanges. He urged the region's economies to explore new drivers for growth and draw a blueprint for comprehensive connectivity.


The following documents represent the major initiatives and findings of the meeting:


Report to implement the APEC connectivity blueprint.

The Report to Implement the APEC Connectivity Blueprint supports the implementation of the APEC Connectivity Blueprint for 2015-2025 which was endorsed by APEC Leaders


APEC Economic Policy Report on Good Regulatory Practices.

This is an executive summary of the 2014 APEC Economic Policy Report which highlights the challenges of APEC economies in implementing Good Regulatory Practices and suggests further steps in promoting the use of GRPs.


Key Trends and Developments relating to Trade and Investment Measures and their Impact on the APEC region.

Prepared by the APEC Policy Support Unit (PSU) to inform APEC ministers, officials, and stakeholders on recent trade and investment trends in the region, as well as trade and investment-related measures recently implemented by APEC member economies.


Trade and Economic Growth: 25 Years of a Stronger Relationship within APEC.

The purpose of this Policy Brief is to explore the correlation between trade and the gross domestic product (GDP) within APEC and show the importance that trade plays in APEC’s economic growth vis-à-vis the rest of the world.




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