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China Overseas: Looking beyond the headlines.

A special report by China Dialogue on China's overseas investments, including articles on Africa, South America and Asia. Please click here to download the full report




Chinese companies stuck in image crisis overseas

How NGOs can help Chinese firms do better overseas

Social instability main threat to China overseas

Why China must strengthen environmental standards

China’s non-interventionist aid stance on the way out

Why does no one like Chinese companies overseas?

China and Latin America: Which way now?

China develops Latin America’s clean energy

Who will feed China’s pigs? And why it matters

China’s firms battle each other in Africa

China’s energy footprint in Central Asia

Chalco: praised overseas but a major polluter at home

Don’t get excited about Chinese nuclear exports yet

Chile’s pollution grows to meet China's copper demand

Combating illegal timber: what action will China take?

Chinese banks ignore Ecuador mining campaigners

Chinese influence creates mixed feelings in Cameroon




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