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Mobile commerce: The App`s China uses

5G is coming and with it means the ability to use mobile devices in ways not possible today. While there are already more mobile devices than people on the planet, they will continue to have increased capacity and capability. Announcements and advertisements must now be appealing on the small screen.


Chinas Mobile advertising market is currently the fastest growing sector for companies involved in retail. Now exceeding PC users, the mobile internet market represents the forefront of technology and dynamism in China. In Q1 2015, the total transaction value of China e-commerce market is estimated to have exceeded RMB 3.48 trillion (USD$567.49 billion). With these sorts of numbers no company can afford to ignore the apps where potential clients spend a large proportion of their time. Mobile devices have become the customer's primary means of interaction with companies. 


WeChat is leading the field in app`s and is unique in both being a native mobile application and including integrated e-commerce and mobile payments: A quick referral of a product from a friend and a purchase can be made in a matter of moments while the user may never have to leave the WeChat application on their mobile phone.


Brands can use WeChat in a few ways to support sales growth, including setting up their own brand shops (as service accounts), working with malls (WeChat operates a couple of their own), using direct sales platforms for user-generated sales (like Weidian that has payments linked to WeChat), and using loyalty cards for location-based promotions and member offers (managed by WeChat inside the app under "QQ iCard").


Chinas Most populat Mobile Apps



Sohu News

Type: News

No of active users: 78,59 million



Sogo Input

Type: Chinese Pinyin input method

No of active users: 80.08 million



360 Mobile Assistant

Type: App store

No of active users: 85.91 million




Type: Online shopping

No of active users: 98.01 million




Type: Mobile browser

No of active users: 98.14 million



QQ Browser

Type: Mobile browser

No of active users: 106.08 million



360 Phone Guardian

Type: Anti-virus security

No of active users: 110.33 million



QQ Music

Type: Music

No of active users: 129 million




Type: Instant messaging

No of active users: 307.33 million

Having lost ground in terms of users to Wechat, qq is now the 2nd most popular messaging app in mainland China, it allows users to write and maintain their own blog/diary, as well as photo album.




Type: Instant messaging

No of active users: 359.87 million

Most of us are familiar with WeChat, which is now the most popular messaging app in Mainland China. In addition to messaging functions, the app allows you to search for people in your area and also allows users to maintain a blog along with some photos


Data source: compiled by EnfoDesk, an online research institute, Rankings are based on the number of active users as of May 2015.



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