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Pictorial: Chinese Propaganda Posters 1949-2008

Propaganda posters are not only graphically powerful and aesthetically mesmerizing, they also offer an important window into Chinese culture. They represent the history of China from the Chinese government's perspective from 1949 onwards, and show us what the government wanted people to understand. Via these posters we gain an insight and understanding of what the Chinese people have been through and where they are today.



Carry the revolution through to the end.                                                      America out of Veitnam



Defend our Motherland and our Hometown


Long live great Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought



Foster a correct spirit, resist the evil spirit, resist corruption, never get involved with it. Anti-American Empire to aim Japan.


Long live the brother friendship of China and Soviet Union.


Long live the friendship between the peoples and the armies of China and the Soviet Union.



Vaccinate everyone, to crush the germ warfare of American imperialism!


Under the red flag of Mao Zedong’s thought, pointing the way to advancement.



With the help of the Soviet Union, we will do our best to realize the modernisation of motherland. Work like the Daqing oilfield workers, run businesses like Daqing oilfield.


Work hard to make the country strong, transform heaven and earth.



Only socialism can save China, only socialism can develop China. The return of Hong Kong, One Country - Two Systems.


Carry out family planning, implement the basic national policy.


Not a government poster but of the style. Sui Feifei, Adidas Olympics poster.


I speak for socialist core values.




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