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China Brain is an impartial news and research web site, bringing you the best of the web's China related content in one convenient place.
It has been established by a core team of experienced China hands who have spent a combined total of over 25 years living and working in China, providing consulting and advisory services to Fortune 500 companies as well as setting up a number of successful China focused businesses. In doing so, this team has spent countless hours searching the internet for data and relevant information related to specific projects.

This site is our way of addressing the frustration of disparate sources of China news and research content. China Brain brings all the right content to our members in one place. Our hope is that over time, the site will develop much like a brain itself, becoming bigger, better, and even wiser as the number of members grows and they themselves contribute their own discussion and debate on China's development trajectory.

We currently provide 3 core services (with more to come):
  • We bring the best of the web's China related news and research content into one easy place for you to digest and comment on.
  • We regularly showcase new research either developed by our own team of experts or by our selected affiliated partners.
  • We connect our members to each other and provide a unique environment for them to discuss the latest China trends and dynamics, to share ideas and to promote productive discourse on the Middle Kingdom. 

If you have any questions for us or comments about the website and what you would like to see on it, please write to:


Our goal is to create the world's number one community for China watchers.  This site is for business people, students, government representatives, academics, or anyone who simply wants to understand more about a country which will soon be the world's biggest economy. We encourage our members to ask questions of others and recommend articles that others might like.
Currently this is our Beta site to see what users think of the concept and site. If you might have any suggestion to help us improve the site kindly drop them into an email to:
We are also looking for partners to contribute to our Resources section of the site. Fully accredited to yourselves and hyperlinked to your own website, this is a great way of giving your content exposure to a wider audience.

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