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China Brain is not affiliated with any non-government organisation, chamber of commerce or business association, which enables us to be fully independent, wide-ranging and objective. We provide information of practical value for executives, academics and entrepreneurs with an interest in China.

As an advertiser your message, product or service is reaching the most focused and high-level group of business decision-makers operating both in China and abroad.


Benefits of advertising with us:

  1. High value, targeted audience of professionals, opinion shapers & academics interested in China

  2. Visitor geographic location: 40% China, 25% US/UK, 10% Europe

  3. Traffic: Around 15,000 page views per month.

  4. Your logo on all newsletters to our members.

  5. Use of our Polls feature to directly ask your clients questions.


Advert Details:


Your advert will be placed on your specified page.

You can choose from different prices to suit your needs and budget as below

Adverts should not include audio and animations are limited to 3 loops

An active URL link must be supplied in the text of your advert.

All web-ready graphics are to be supplied by you, although we can arrange for a pdf, jpeg or GIF artwork to be converted to a suitable web advert for a small fee.





For the sections: Homepage, Editorials, Thought leadership. News, Research & Resources.

Banner Ad: 730 x 90 pixels: 4,500 rmb/year for 2 Ad's. Displayed on all pages of the section.

For the sections: Statistics, Past Polls, Users, About & Search page.

Banner Ad 730 x 90 pixels: 2,500 rmb/year for 2 Ad`s Displayed on all pages of the section.


Please note the above costs are for a banner on the sections, namely: Home, News, Research, Editorials, Resources, Thought Leadership, Past polls, Users, About, & the Search Page and hence will be repeated on all pages in that section.


Corporate Sponsorship:


The amount of sponsorship is completely at the discretion of each company. All we ask is that it is reasonable for the exposure.

Companies benefit from:

A. Their logos placed on every page of our site.
B. A full page dedicated to their activities and business scope.
C. 2 banner ad`s on section pages.
D. Their logo to be incorporated in all Newsletters to members.
E. Use of our polls feature to ask our users questions/polls.


For further information please contact us at:



Our User Demographics:


Company size                                                                                  Sector/function



User Country                               User City





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