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Feasibility studies, Market research, Competitor analysis.



Not a day goes by when China is not making it to the headlines of the international press. You have heard so much about it—the booming economy, the increasing living standard, and the limitless amount of opportunities in China. You want to know if your enterprise can also join and become part of the China miracle. The first thing for you to do, of course, is to start truly understand the complexity as well as the vast potential of the Chinese market. Have the China Brain team accompany you on your first trips to China and do the market research that will make your business a success.



Business representation & Company set-up.



You have seen the opportunities in China and worked out your business concept. Now you have decided to bring your business to China and need a local partner to help you execute the project. We can manage your legal and fiscal set-up, the location search for your office and initial recruitment for key staff.


Registering and opening a foreign business in China is often more complex than it seems. Approvals from multiple local authorities and bureaus, strict adherence to industry specific regulations, and a considerable amount of red tape are just a few of the obstacles that need to be dealt with.


Along with our legal and accounting partners we can assist and guide you through the full process of the setting up of:


Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WOFE): as the name implies a wholly foreign owned enterprise is enterprise is completely owned by foreign investors or investors

A Representative Office (RO): established by foreign companies to engage in business liaison, production promotion, market research, exchange of technology and other permitted activities. A RO is not allowed to directly engage in operational activities.

A Joint Venture (JV): again as the name implies, is jointly owned by a Chinese company with its foreign partner.



Business expansion in China.



Your company already has a presence in China. Now you might want to look into expanding your companies to other parts of the country to further take advantage of the country’s fast growing economy. Or you might look into solving some long-term managerial or operational issues that have kept your enterprise from reaching its potential. We will work together with you to devise the best strategy for your China expansion and advise on marketing, and sales campaigns.



Website localization and registration.



Increasingly companies are marketing their services and products directly from their home bases. We are able to localize your existing company website (or even design and develop one from scratch) and give you a presence on the Chinese web. From choosing the right China domain name to getting your message across in Chinese. We are able to draw on years of localization experience.




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