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China Greentech report 2014.

The China Greentech Initiative (CGTI) has now released its 2014 report.  Greener, Smarter, More Productive, the fifth in a series that was first launched at the World Economic Forum in 2009.


Increased awareness in China of the need to tackle pollution and improve the quality of life in Chinese cities is driving some significant changes in policy. The Report contends that to maintain a national GDP growth target of 7.5% through 2014, Chinese economic policy must be accompanied by an equally resolute vision for cleaner growth. Building on the new approach outlined in last year’s report, the latest edition offers a path forward for China to adopt a greener, smarter and more productive model of development.

The 2014 report asserts that there is a profound opportunity for leading companies to integrate their products and services to customize replicable solutions for China’s project owners and governments in the areas of industrial efficiency, distributed energy, greener buildings and cleaner mobility.

Since the release of the first report, China has emerged as an innovative driver of greentech industry development; and is fast becoming a hub for more productive practices and implementation that can be profitably adopted by global industry stakeholders. The report outlines ambitious new central and local government plans for pollution reduction; and highlights how forward-thinking companies can use innovative technologies, best practices, and global collaboration models to accelerate China's sustainable growth.


Please click here to downlaod the report as a PDF.



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